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 Oh my god.... 

 okay well i got a job as a hall attendant in my dorm.  IT's not that bad but the way i see it is at something that will  give me at least a little bit of money.  I got lucky and got 3 shifts a week, where as they were just giving newbies in my hall just 2. my shifts are as follows:

Mondays 1:30am-4am
Thursday & Friday 11:30pm-1:30am

So far i am still alive, being able to balance being on 2 e-boards/attending 2 different clubs,  classes,  homework as well as keeping up my social life & working.   *sigh*  I'm surprised i am able to find time to sleep & time to myself. lol

My roommate is sensing that "we are growing apart". She confuses me so much. So many people i know don't like her, at times i can't stand living with her, but a part of me can't help but feel sorry for her & like her. Last night she came downstairs while i was working, crying because she broke up with her B/F yet again.  The friend i was with brought her into the lounge and calmed her down.  Maybe this time she'll be able to stay away from him.  So , who knows. 

I'm writing this as i wait for my Gen. Psych class to start. I like my Prof, she seems really relaxed & cool. I feel like she is easy to talk to as well. 

I g2g... .class is about to start 


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*sigh* why does rooming with someone who has a b/f so difficult
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My birthday past on the 9th. I was supposed to work that evening but at the last min. the women i baby sit for called me and had told me i didn't need to work. I was kind of mad since that prevented me from doing anything really well.... fun or exciting for that day. But it ended up being a good thing. My friend Armin called me up and wanted to hang out. Him and my friend lindsay ended up tricking and She surprised me when she picked me up with him in her car. She made me dinner and had a cake for me. We then went to best buy and got some stuff. I god world of war craft. Its a good game but having to pay for it is a drag so as of right now, i can't play since i haven't paid. When we got back to Lindsay's house, Ross came over and we all hung out. It was a nice surpise in the end. Being around some of my good friends ended my birthday nicely. :)

i was bummed before hand though since i didn't really plan much with some or most of my friends.

A few days later i went into the city and met up with Chase, James, and a few other people that we knew in Theta. We went to this korean place on St. Marks for lunch. The got me good and really tricked me. James managed to get me outside so they could surprise me with a cake. They apparently had all these people in on it too. i wasn't surprised ether. i caught on at times but pushed it off thinking it was nothing. After lunch me Mike, Chase, James and i went to the movies to see new The Hulk movie. It was pretty good. I liked Iron man better though. It was a great night pretty much.

Later on in June I tried to have like a party. my parents were going out and let me have a few people over. i didn't invite many people. Sadly i decided to well cancel it due to an increased amount people saying they weren't able to make it. It wasn't really canceling it, some of the people who were still RSVPed as coming i told to come anyway so... no big deal really. Anthony, Vanessa, Diana, and Ross were there. Ross ended up coming after Diana, Vanessa, and Anthony left.


Adelphi's orintation was the 10th and 15th. I was helping out and Theta with their table. So most of the early part of the month i was busy with Maribel, James, and Chase helping to plan out what we were going to do. it turned out to be a good turn out. There was this one freshman who is really cool. His name is Frank. According to Maribel he seemed to be like the male me only with long blond hair and blue/green eyes. LOL He's going to be in the same hall and floor as me.

My mom's birthday also passed as well. We went out to dinner on her birthday then the next day my aunt came over and we went out to dinner again.


I hung out with brooke twice and she had like a mexican typed party one night. It was nice to see her again as well. Tara was there as well, again cool to see her.

I've seen Diana a few times as well. I talk to her almost every night or so.
It's weird being home and not being able to spend some time with many of the people i was friends with back in high school. Its hard since we all are on different schedules and stuff.

School is starting up again soon. I can't believe it's already the end of july. I'm taking a pottery class the last 2 weeks of july so from 9:00 am to 1pm i will be at Adelphi doing that. I'm excited, i hope it's fun. Its going to go for my degree so i can't beat that.

After that i'm going out on the island for a few days. WELCOME THE BORDNESS!!!! I'll prob. calling people up in the evenings and prob reading and writing as well.

I'm 2nd yr college student! woot. i think i may be the only one somewhat excited about going back. But of course that doesn't come with it's fair share of not wanting to go back. i will be rooming with one of my friends that i met last semester. She's cool but her boyfriend is annoying and almost every weekend. If it happends again this semester I'm going to def. say something. :-\

Its amazing how much everyone i know changed. majory and minorly too.

I also started working with Avon so if anyone reading this wants anything (its not just makeup) let me know :).

other than that... nothing exciting going on.

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Even though i should be studying and getting ready to leave i just want to put this down.

it really sucks being at a school so close to your home and not remembering the last time so spent a good amount of time there (like spending the night), not just going to dinner there. I want to go home........ :_(

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Ok so i've been meaning to update in like forever. So my second semester started and well its going okay. The winter vacation was cool and i got some cool things for x-mas. i spent new years with Tara and some friends.

I am loving my 3d Design teacher. He is soooo cool and sometimes acts like a kid it's so funny.

My new roommate seems to be okay but i feel like a weirdness in the room when ever we are in it. So i spend a lot of my time out of the room or in a friends room. She seems to be a very personal person of sorts. She doesn't seem to be that crazy about men and hates that she is living near them. On some level i understand but i see it as that is life and when u eventually get an appartment or house you can choose who will live next door to you. But w/e there are other things that i let get to me about her but i'm just not going to put it in because they r things i shouldnt be dwelling on. She was going to move out of the room but now i don't think she is. One of my friend's roommate just moved out of her room in the hall next to mine so i may move in there. As much as i don't mind moving i'm still on some level going to miss linen and the guys living here next to me. But what ever happens happens. :-\

Other than that nothing much has been going on. Classes are going well. I've been seeing Tara more often and thats nice. It's nice to talk and hang out with her a bit more often this semester. :) I don't get to see anthony or vanessa as much witch stinks but every now and then we talk and stuff.

i've been hanging out with some people i know on campus more now a days. Which is cool. last week i just got really upset about all this random shit that was happening during last semester and stuff. but i'm ok now. I think it was just all the stress and stuff that i was holding up and it all just came out. but i think i am doing better now.

I had also got sick last week too. i went to the doctor on tuesday and found out i had an ear infection. i'm on anti biotics now and getting and feeling better. i also tried to get into a greek orginization here on campus. i went to rush but i didnt get invited back to the 2nd round. The 3 friends i went with and some of the other girls were like go to COP ... i dont remember the name for it though. But i don't think i'll do it.

thats about it for now .....

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Somethin Taken from DarkStar

01 Name:
02 Date of birth:
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04 Put this in your journal so that I can tell you what I like about you.

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i've been thinking about a lot of emotions lately. this is just like a random entery so hopefully i can get them out of my system.

nervusness, confused, & worrying. i hate those feelings. Especially that feeling of being alone even when u know ur not.

just wanted to say something to some of my friends, my close ones, like a thank you of sorts....even though some of them dont read my LJ or have one.

Tara- You're one of my closest friends & i'm glad that i know you. I You're the one person i know to go to when i need advice or someone to talk to. Thanks for being my friend and being there for me when i needed one. Thanks for dealing with my random obsessions especially KoRn, i know sometimes it might get annoying but thank you. You're my Will & i know you will always be there for me. its so cool we are going to the same college. Even though we have lunch & art together i hope our friendship gets stronger as time goes on & i know that we will stay friends for a very long time. I will always be your grace and there if u need a sholder or an ear to listen.

Ross- Your like my brother & ur one of the coolest people i know. It's hard to say in words how happy i am that we r friends. I know that our friendship will last. You are anther person i know i can go to if i need to talk.

Kaite- There is never a dull moment with you & i dont remember a time when u couldnt make me laugh or smile. i know you will always be there if i need to talk and thank you for that. You're a great person and i hope we will always be friends no matter what.

Lindz/KitteKorn- My big sister, what to say for you. You're one of the weirdest people i know buit i still love you. i always enjoy hanging out with you and you always have an ear when one is needed. You're so random in ur own way and i know that we will be friends what ever life throws at us.
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I'm kind of bord so...

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ARE Y0U...
[_] happy you know me?
[_] thinking about me?
[_] wanting to call me to talk about these things?
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well its the end of my summer Vacation as a High School student.... scary.... overall my summer was ok...i hung out with friends and went to a few concerts. After this off to collage. scary i hope i can keep in tuch with all of my friends. i know i will with my close ones. well i'm not really sure what to say.....well school starts tomorrow. i guess we'll see how that goes.... i'll try to post more tomorrow about how things went...
She munk
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